Pupils’ Leadership Ceremony

A ceremony to hand out Leadership badges was held today at the school’s assembly area early in the morning. Those who were chosen to become ‘Ketua Darjah’, ‘Penolong Ketua Darjah’ and other responsibilities got their badges from GB Dyg Norleha bte OKM Hj Md Jair.

This ceremony marks the trust among the teachers and staff of the school towards the pupils’ ability to carry out their responsibilities throughout the school year.

The pupils that got the badges were:

Head Prefect Fakhrul Aizat bin Aliasan (Year 6)
Assistant Head Prefect Mohammad Nazif Safwan bin Yussuf (Year 5)
Discipline Prefect Muhammad Ikwan bin Emran (Year 6)
Cleanliness Prefect Mohammad Fazil bin Wira (Year 5)

Class monitors and Assistant Class Monitors:

Class Monitor

Assistant Class Monitor

Year 6 Mohammad Fazanil bin Wira Muhammad Ikwan bin Emran
Year 5 Mohammad Nazif Safwan bin Yussuf Mohammad Fazil bin Wira

Year 4

Mohammad Yasri bin Jaman Mohammad Aziezur Ridwan bin Ramiezul
Year 3 Mohammad Arif Danial bin Agus Zamri Siti Nurul Amal Hizayati bte Ramiezul
Year 2 Mohammad Waez Mustaqeem bin Hj Adam Nur Izni Ayuni bin Aliasan
Year 1 Abdul Qawi bin Hj Ja’afar Nurul Syifa Syaheerah bte Mohd. Zunaidi

.Abdul Qawi.21022009037

.Nurul Syifa Syaheerah.21022009038

.Nur Izni Ayuni.21022009039

.Muhammad Arif Danial.21022009040

.Siti Nurul Amal Hizayati.21022009041

.Mohammad Yasri.21022009042

.Mohammad Aziezur Ridwan.21022009043

.Mohammad Fazanil.21022009044

.Mohammad Waez Mustaqeem.21022009048

.The pupils looks on.21022009046

.Fazil can’t hide his tears of joy.21022009047

It is hoped that the pupils would wear their badges with pride and carry out the duties responsibly. SRPP’09


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