Divide and conquer: SENA Room

During our staff meeting at the end of April, our GB told us that UPK and our very own PPKD, Cg. Othman Bolhassan had asked us to set up a room for SENA. Since there were no rooms available, the best way was to divide the Conference Room into two. The good thing about it is that there is already a door at the other side of the room.



Since we had already planned to take down some of the walls in that room, including the GB’s room due to termites, our GB called Pejabat Buruh for some workforce. Azmi started working on it during the extended school break. Some of the teachers and staff also helped in demolishing the walls. We managed to save a few since they were still in good condition. Once help arrived, they were able to set up the frame and the walls in no time.

.Some of the workers from Pejabat Buruh.07072009752

.Plywood and rings provided by Senukoh Timber.07072009753

.Work on the wall frame is underway.07072009754

.We had to split the sinks so both rooms can have one. 08072009755

.Some painting job needed here.08072009756

Our gratitude goes to those involved in the work here. May Allah bless your efforts. Amin. SRPP’09


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