knowledge Discovery national Spelling competition 2009

Today our school had the KDN Spelling competition. As per the terms and regulations of the competition, we did ours at school level first. We got all the Year 4 to Year 6 pupils involved. Ikwan was absent so we only had 7 pupils. Cg. Michael was picked as the Master Speller, Cg. Hanaffi as the Time-Keeper and Cg. Waridi as the Invigilator.

The top three winners at school level will be picked to represent SRPP at zone level. The top 5 pupils from the zone level will compete at the District level and then from there a final top 5 will compete at the National level. We’re hoping for our pupils to at least represent SRPP at the District level. SRPP’09

.Cg. Michael (Master Speller).29072009847

.Cg. Hanaffi (Time-keeper).29072009845

.Cg. Waridi (Invigilator).29072009846

.Amin (Year 4) with Fazil and Nazif (Year 5).29072009848

.Yasri (Year 4).29072009849


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