Promoting dental health

SRPP today held a Promoting Dental Health campaign. It is part of the Promoting Health Awareness campaign organized by the Ministry of Health. Cg. Hanaffi, head of the Health and Medicine unit of Sekolah Rendah Piasau-Piasau, arranged for the pupils to brush their teeth during their break time.

Fakhrul Aizat bin Aliasan, the Head Prefect of SRPP, commented during a recent interview:

School Blog: What are your view on brushing your teeth during breaktime?
Fakhrul Aizat: It keeps my teeth clean and my mouth fresh. It is good for us.
SB: How many times do you brush your teeth?
FA: I brush my teeth three times every day. Once before breakfast, once after lunch and once at night.
SB: How do you brush your teeth?
FA: I brush in an up-down motion. It prevents my gums from hurting if I brush sideways.
SB: Thank you, Aizat.
FA: You’re welcome.

This is going to be a daily routine for the pupils to do during break, after the had their meals. SRPP’09

.Fazanil and Aizat seen here.01082009855

.More pupils seen here.01082009856

.3 Year 1 pupils showing how to brush their teeth.01082009857

.Cg. Hanaffi – Teacher-in-charge.01082009858

.Amir washing his hand after brushing.01082009859

.Colgate used by the pupils.01082009860


One Comment to “Promoting dental health”

  1. juz want to say how proud i am…sebab sekolah tempat ku belajar dulu semakin berkembang n update.n sekarang anie sudah ada blog untuk sekolah rendah piasau piasau, which make me very proud.perbezaan srpp dulu n sekarang anie sangat ketara..samaada dari segi pembelajaran,cara pengajaran,alatan sekolah which masa anie ku liat modern sudah computer and so on(ku tau sebab ku pernah teaching practice di sana dulu hehe dlu time ku sekolah rendah nda ada tu).last but not least keep it up n wish srpp akan semakin maju…

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