Flouride varnish treatment

Dental nurses from the Pengiran Isteri Hajah Mariam Hospital in Bangar came to school today to check on the pupils from Year 1 and Year 2. They also applied some Flouride Varnish to the pupils’ teeth.

The varnish contains flouride which can be found in most toothpastes. This give the teeth extra protection against germs and helps to prevent tooth decay.

The nurses explained to the pupils that they cannot brush their teeth for at least 4 hours after the application. Eating and drinking is also prohibited so that the varnish would not wear off. That is why the pupils had their breaktime meals early before the nurses arrived. The nurses also clarified that the pupils still do need to brush their teeth as the varnish alone will not prevent tooth decay altogether.

They also advised pupils to brush their teeth three times a day and to minimise eating/drinking sweet foods. SRPP ‘09

.Year 2 pupils waiting for their turn.04082009868

.Hukmi (Year 1, left) and Amirah (Year 1, right) having their teeth checked.04082009869

.Leaflet given to pupils.04082009870


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