srpp welcomes new teachers

Our school got a rather nice surprise last Saturday when two new teachers joined the SRPP family. The teachers, both degree holders, arrived around 10.30am at the school after a briefing at JSS in Bangar.

Today our GB formally introduced the new teachers during assembly. Cg. Narul Iswady bin Hj Samaih and Cg. Mohd Firdaus bin Hj Mohd Aus got some chance to say something about themselves to the pupils.

It is hoped that the new teachers would help make SRPP an even better school, give their all for the cause and also it is hoped that the existing teachers, staff and pupils would help make their experience here in Temburong something they will never forget. SRPP’09

.GB with the new teachers during assembly.04082009862

.Cg. Narul Iswady bin Hj Samaih. 04082009863

.Cg. Mohd Firdaus bin Hj Mohd Aus. 04082009864


One Comment to “srpp welcomes new teachers”

  1. aiii si Daus!!! 🙂

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