Tahlil @ Labu Estate and Piasau-Piasau cemetery

Today our school held a tahlil ceremony at the cemeteries in Mukim Labu. We set off to the first one at 8am. Once we arrived there, we saw that some villagers of Kg. Labu Estate and also SR Labu Estate was already there. We helped tidy up the area beforehand, including raking the leaves and sweeping the walkway.

Mukim Labus’s very own imam, Imam Mokhtar, headed the ceremony with a recitation of the Surah Yasin and also the tahlil.

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We then went to Kg. Piasau-Piasau cemetery around 9.30am. Again, tidied up the area before proceeding with the recital of Surah Yasin and tahlil. SRPP’09






3 Comments to “Tahlil @ Labu Estate and Piasau-Piasau cemetery”

  1. Thanks for the comment & visiting our blog..nice blog jua 😉

  2. Welcome. 🙂

  3. really miss my old school…

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