Briefing for Year 6 by GB

With the PSR (Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) coming up next week, our GB held a short briefing with the teachers and pupils of Year 6  who are going to sit for the exam. She gave the pupils some advice and tips, including wishing them lost of luck.

The exam is going to be held in the ICT room, a suitable one considering that it’s air-conditioned and at the end of the admin block, where outside noise can be held to a minimum.

.Cikgu Norleha briefing the pupils. 

.The exam held in the ICT room.

.Seen here the Year 6 pupils with Cikgu Hanaffi, Cikgu Ali & Cikgu Waridi.  

From all the teachers and staff of SRPP, and also parents/villagers of Kampung Piasau-Piasau, would like to wish the pupils good luck and hope they excel in the exam. Amin. SRPP’09


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