Solat Sunat Hajat for Year 6

As a way of preparing the pupils for the upcoming PSR examination, the school held a Sunat Hajat Prayer ceremony today. All Muslim teachers, staff and pupils attended the event, which was held at the prayer room of SU Piasau-Piasau. Cikgu Waridi initiated the event by calling on the GB to say a few words for the pupils. Some parents were also present today. Ustaz Azami bin Yunos from SU Piasau-Piasau was appointed as the imam for the event.

.Cg. Waridi initiating the event.

.Thanks to SU Piasau-Piasau for letting the school use their prayer room.

.GB Dyg Norleha saying a few words.

.Pupils waiting for the event to start.

.Parents and teachers waiting.

.Ustaz Azami giving pupils instructions on how to do the Hajat prayer.

After the prayer ceremony, all parents, teachers, staff and pupils were treated to a little feast at the school library. Here are some pics from today. SRPP’09


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