Sambutan Hari Raya 2009


Due to circumstances that cannot be avoided, there have been delays in posting up updates on this site. To start things off on updates, below are pictures of the Sambutan Hari Raya here at Sekolah Rendah Piasau-Piasau.

The Sambutan Hari Raya was held on October 17th, 2009, at the school library. It was a very colourful scene, as the pupils were dressed in their Raya best. The event started off with the Al-Fatihah recited by Cikgu Haji Junaidi bin Haji Abas, followed by a speech by the Guru Besar, Dyg Norleha bte OKM Hj MD Jair. A farewell speech was also given by Cikgu Hanafi bin Norsalam, as he was transferred to a school in Brunei-Muara district.

During the event, the pupils performed various Hari Raya songs conducted by their respective teachers. Lucky draws were also held, giving pupils chances to win various prizes which were contributed by the teachers. The teachers were also given chances to win prizes from the lucky draw.

Enjoy the pictures.

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