Welcome to SRPP

Today is the start of the new academic year. In 2010, our school is happy to announce two new additions in the teaching staff. On top of that, 6 pupils transferred here from schools in BSB and also 3 pupils start their new chapter as pre-schoolers.

The new teachers are Miss Sabarina Chin (SR Puni) and Cikgu Hjh Simah (SR Labu Estate). In order to balance the books, the teachers leaving our school are Ckigu Saleh bin Hj Suboh (SR Puni) and Cikgu Hanaffi bin Norsalam (SR Rimba II).

The new pupils are as follows:

  1. Md Faezul bin Wira (Pra)
  2. Nur Amirah Liana bte Rosemadi (Pra)
  3. Nur Izzatul Hakimah bte Hj Jaafar (Pra)
  4. Md Firdaus bin Md Fahmi (Year 2)
  5. Khairol Azhar bin Haris (Year 3)
  6. Md Syafiq Syahmi bin Md Sabtu (Year 3)
  7. Nurul Syafiqah bte Haris (Year 4)
  8. Nurul Syifa Syamimi bte Md Sabtu (Year 4)
  9. Saidatul Fatimah bte Md Fahmi (Year 5)

.Miss Sabarina Chin.

.Cikgu Hjh Simah bte Hj Shamsuddin.

.The pre-schoolers looking anxious on their first day.

.Khairol looks on.

.Nurul Syafiqah standing straight during assembly.

.Firdaus, Saidatul, Syafiq and Nurul before joining their new schoolmates.

There are 32 pupils altogether, making it one of the highest number of pupils this school has got for a few years now. All the best to them. Amin. SRPP’10


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