Energy Day

The eSaving SOS campaign is one of the many activities lined up for Brunei Darussalam’s Energy Day on the 24th of May 2010 organised by the Energy Division, Prime Minister’s Office. This would be the third eSaving campaign with previous activities carried out during the Energy Day in 2008 and 2009. (

.Energy Day logo.energyday2010_logo 

During school assembly today, the pupils of SRPP were given a brief speech about Energy Day by Cikgu Eddie. He gave a short introduction about it and then went into a bit more detail about the S.O.S. (Switch Off and Set) campaign which is three steps in which the pupils can contribute to saving energy effectively.

.SOS logo.SOS_logo_s


 .Aina wearing the Energy Day badge posing near the information board .240520101664

On top of that, pupils and teachers were given Energy Day badges made by Cikgu Eddie as a remembrance about this day. This might lead to a change in their lives which could affect  the world in a positive way. SRPP ‘10


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