Fire Drill At SR Piasau-Piasau

on May 29th of 2010, the teachers of SR Piasau-Piasau decided to hold a fire drill at the school. The main reason for the fire drill is to educate and give awareness to the pupils of SR Piasau-Piasau on the proper precautions taken in case of a fire outbreak at the school.

A meeting beforehand was given to inform the teachers that there will be a fire drill, although there was no specific time given to the teachers on when the fire drill will happen. This will increase the simulated feel of an actual fire drill, and teachers will get accustomed to the surprise of if or when a fire were to happen. The signal given was a long ring of the bell followed by a few short rings.

When the signal went off, the teachers ceased teaching, and asked the pupils to stop their activities, stand up and line up at the door. When all the pupils are lined up, the teacher will lead their pupils calmly to the designated assembly area, which was the empty area in front of the school. At the assembly area, the class teachers, who should have brought the class register, made sure all pupils were there. After all have assembled, the pupils will then be given a short briefing and reminder on the procedures taken when a fire occurs.

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