Sekolah Rendah Piasau-Piasau is situated in a 2.76 acre land in the middle of Kampung Piasau-Piasau, Labu, Temburong. It is 21 km from Bangar and it would take around 20 minutes by car.

There are 6 buildings in this school. One administration block/classroom, one classroom block, one afternoon ugama school, one wudhu’ area, one kitchen and one toilet area.

For 2011, there are 14 teachers (including one Ugama teacher, one CFBT teacher and two SENA teachers), 5 non-teaching staff (1 cook, 1 labourer, 1 secretary, 1 cleaner and 1 watchman). There are currently 36 pupils studying in this school.

Pra: 5 pupils
Year 1: 4 pupils
Year 2: 2 pupils
Year 3: 6 pupils
Year 4: 8 pupils
Year 5: 6 pupils
Year 6: 5 pupils


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